Wednesday, April 11, 2012


An old abandoned road sign in "Kota Lama"
Every palce has a name, but do you know, that every name is have a background? Well, lets we know more about the kampoong names background in Semarang city.

 Sendangmulyo: Formerly there was a spring with a small lake ( spring, Javanese: Sendang)
 Mrican : Formerly, there was a lot of Dutch spice warehouse situated here (Spice, Bahasa: merica)
 Jomblang : Formerly, a lot of Jamblang(Syzygium cumin) trees here
 Pandean : Formerly, a lot of blacksmith, stay here (blacksmith, javanese: pande besi)
 Bustaman : Formerly, there was a religious leader named Kyai Bustam, settled here. Kyai Bustam is one's of the important leader of VOC(Veerenidge Oost Compagnie) mercenaries corps during the Geger Pacinan (Chinese Uprising) on 1740
 Petolongan : Formerly, the people who live here, most of them are gutter crafstman (gutter, javanese: talang=tolong)
 Ligu : Formerly, a lot of rent house owned by Mr. Lie Goe ( In the colonial era, there’s a lot of rent house in the Mlatten district )
► Sebandaran : Formerly there was Syahbandar (eng: Harbour Master) housing complex.
 Gergaji : Formerly, there was a lumber mill complete wuth the workers camp ( Gergaji, eng: Saw)
 Batterman : It taken from the words waterman, means the water sellers, its possible considering the location is near from Kali Semarang.
 Jagalan : Formerly there was a slaughterhouses situated here (Slaught, Javanese: jagal)
 Depok : Formerly, there was a lot of padepokan( pesantren, eng: monastery)
 Gendhingan : Formerly there was a lot of gamelan(Javanese trational music instrument) craftsman residence here.
 Ngaliyan : Formerly there was a monastery, built by Na Lie Ang, in the middle of his trail to Boja, a land in the southwest of Semarang.
 Plampitan : Formerly, there was a lot of lampit(eng: carpet) craftsman lived here.
 Jurnatan : In this place, the first time founder of Semarang, Prince Pandan Arang II, opened the forestall area and built settlement. Formerly this area still situated in the shoreline. Then, people called him Jurunata (eng: the builders).
 Wotgandul : Formerly there was a hanging bridge situated here. (Bridge, Javanese: wot; hanging, Javanese: Gandul)
 Pekojan : The settlement in this region was a people from West India, known as Koja.
 Kelengan : Formerly, there was owned by an ambtenaar (landlord) named Klein.
 Pendrikan : Formerly, there was a street named Prins Hendrik Laan. Prins Hendrik is the Husband of Queen Willhelmina, the Queen of the Netherlands in the early 20th century.
 Bongsari : Formerly, there was a chinese cemetery situated here (Chinese cemetery, javanese: bong)
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