Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Sarsaparilla Lemonade

Hello World!

Before it I'm gonna say, Gong Xi Fat Choi .. for those who celebrate Chinese New Year. Well, on friday, my family and I took a visit to Semawis Market, a night market that situated on Chinese quarter, in the cetral Semarang. Various kinds of Chinese souvenirs are available, and also pork-based foods definitely! Hahaha ... absolutely i cant taste it. I decided to taste the tofu soup to m dinner.

My visit to the market Semawis this time, make me find something, maybe not new for me because I have known for a long time, but I've just never even seen the original shape and taste it. Yap, it was a bottle of lemonade drink called sarsaparilla, which is popular in the 1950's until the 1970'swhen the coca-cola started entering the Indonesian market. Sarsaparilla is a type of vitaceae which, is derived from Latin America . If we drink, at first glance is similar to root beer. However, it has unique characteristics, a very strong mint.

This drink is unique, especially for my family, since the lemonade saparilla has enjoyed more than 3 generations, starting from my grandfather, father, and now myself finally start to like this drink, hehe. However, to find it is not easy, as well as I know this beverage just from my father's story, only now I can found it. For those who want to try, please come to Gang Warung(Warung Alley)and find the pempek seller. There available lemonade Saparilla and the price is quite affordable. Enjoy it :)

NB. For u were interested to buy this drink, Please call (+628995910946) or email {info yogifajri91@gmail .com} , we offers u a package for 5 bottle of sarsaparila with price Rp 80.000,- /10$ (excluding shipping fee) for those who outside Indonesia, we'll send it through DHL with additional shipping fee based on the destination of course, enjoy :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

1 Februari 2010: Goes to Bandengan,Jepara!

At Pulau Panjangan, a small island near Bandengan Beach
This was my first trip to Bandengan Beach, Jepara. I really want to go there anyway, because I overheard from my mate that the beach is damn great!So me and my senior high school friends, decided to go there at holiday. Then, here we go!Only two hours drive from Semarang approximately.

Me and my friends take the motorbikes to get there and we passed Pantura highway until Demak and changed into alternatives route by Welahan to get Jepara. The road from Semarang until Demak is in good condition, neither with Demak until Jepara, which in bad condition due to it just an alternatives way. We ought to be careful.

Arrived at the beach, we’re become unpatient to swim. This white sandy beach was so amazing…but unfortunately as usual, as most tourist attraction in this country, this beach also still littered with trash everywhere and its really disturbi this “exotic” beach. Well the waves are not too tight to make the visitor comfortable swimming at the shore, plus a breezy beach wind adding cool ambience.

After a couple of hour we swim and play with the sea sand, we decided to hire a boat to the island, called Panjangan island, its only 70 000 IDR. The Panjangan Island is just an uninhabited isle, according to the helmsman of the boat which I rent, in the middle of the island there is the tomb of one of the holyman of Islam, who spread the Islam in the area of Jepara at 17th century

Actually if you paid attention, it appears if the Panjangan island, is planned to built a resort. This can be seen from the pier, the ruins of cottages and abandoned paths.Hmm..what a pity!After that 4 hours of happiness, finally we go back to Semarang. But firstly we visited the mosque at “aloon-aloon Jepara” to doing our prayer, and take a lunch at padang resto, yummy!

Well, we’re very exhausted enough on that day, but also feels very glad and so happy.I’ll never forget that days in my lifetime.    
On the motor boat, heading to Pulau Panjangan,
and its only IDR 70.000! Cheap, isnt?
In front of the public bath, provided by the local
setlement of Bandengan Beach