Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Schouwburg Semarang, The Drama and Dance Theatre

Schouwburg of Semarang  taken in 1988 (source:
Well, now as I was told for you’re all, I’ll investigated the old Semarang city maps which I found it when I was visited the Dutch web sites ( that contained on this maps. Well, 2 days ago, while mostly moslem celebrate the Iedul Adha Celebration, me and my friends strolled around Semarang city to know more the current condition of the places that depicted on that maps. Then, the map has bring us to the ruins on the outskirt of the old city areas on the north of Semarang. Well, its looks terrible nowadays, but this building such as the building which have great historical value. The name of this building was Schouwburg . Schouwburg means drama theater, so this building in the past used as the place to performed music, dance, and drama performance.

Inside the Schouwburg building. (source:
The building approximately established on 1854. The building on that age was located on the Oosterwaal straat, then after the Schouwburg was established, the street names was changed into Komidie Straat, nowadays the name of the street is Cendrawasih street. The location, is just near the Tawang Station or Polder areas. The Building interior its like an ordinary drama theatre building on Europe. It has curve-seat formation which able to contained approximately 300 viewers every show. The Building was faced into 2 sides, to the north and to the west. Nowadays, the north sides was already disappeared. Only the west sides still consist nowadays.

The Schouwburg condition on 2007
Schouwburg has a important role to the advantages of the entertainment world on Semarang. Or maybe, the song of Gambang Semarang, firstly performed on this building? Dont know exactly. Even there's a lot of people said that the famous woman spy during  World War I, Margaretha Gertruida Zelle a.k.a Matahari ever performed her dance here. Well, just for the information, Matahari have stayed in Indonesia from 1897-1902, followed her husband whom worked in Indonesia.

Tragically, after the independence of Indonesia, the building was never used as a drama theatre anymore. The building become abandoned then used by Empat Lima Foundation. Nowadays, the building condition is so terrible. The shape of the building is cant be seen anymore. The Building become ruins with bushes growth around it. What a pity!

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