Friday, December 14, 2007

A Guidance to Become Such An Amateur Detective

Hello World!

First all i'd like to say thank's to

Because of what?Because of this site, i could found the oldest (i thought ) maps of semarang city which is describes the condition of Semarang city on the colonialization era perfectly. It's very usefull for us, especially for them who want to know more about history.

Talking about the maps, the maps gives us a lot of information such as the famous places at that time even the name of the street. The condition is not too far different from the nowadays condition.

For example, the Bodjong road on that moment is already exist. Along the Bodjong rd, we can see on the mapa that there is a tram tracks along the street. But, sometimes, we couldn't found some sites. Simpang Lima squares? of course there is no Simpang Lima square drawed on the maps. The main road in Semarang like Jalan Pahlawan? I couldnt found it here. But whatever is it, its enough to be a guidance to trace back several historical places in Semarang.

Want to see more, visit and it will brings u a lot of information abut the history of Semarang

Just waiting for my my journey report here fellas ;)
Tot Ziens!

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