Friday, September 13, 2013

A Peace Movement to Persuade the Government Established City Museum

Inside the Pameran Kuno Kini Nanti, taken before the opening ceremony by Mas Asmarie from DotSemarang, danke broer! :) 
Its September already!

But the memories of August were couldn’t went away yet, still on my mind the crowds, the smiles and the curiousity of the guest on Lopen Semarang history exhibition. Yap, like what I said before in my blog post here, finally we did it! Held the great exhibition about history in my city, even a lots of people said that this was the first time such this kinda exhibition  runs by the youth and without any government intervention! Its pure for the people, by the people, from us, LoL

The front facade of the Spiegel Building,
the location of Kuno Kini Nanti exhibition.
(source: Harry Suryo)
The Pameran (eng: exhibition) titled “Kuno Kini Nanti”.  Taken from Indonesian word which kuno means the past, kini means recent and nanti means later. So as the history study is, we learns from the past, we observe it in our current condition to prepared our future to be better than before. From this exhibition we want to brought back the visitor back into Semarang on the early of 20th century. The period in which the worlds is being transformed from “Kuno-Kini”,  from the traditional life into modern life like what our life is. Because in 20th century, there’s a lot of invention on Economics system, Industrial works, Education system, Ideology, and the important one, the new technologies. Come skelian lord and lady, together we learn cultural heritage which is owned by the city of Semarang!

The exhibition runs for a a weeks, starts from August 22nd to 28th, 2013, from  10 AM to 9 PM in Spiegel building, Semarang Old quarter. Here in the exhibition, together we collaborated with several communities like AIESEC UNDIP, Jazzngisoringin, Orart oret, FDGI, Akademi Berbagi and our brother who together put a concern on historical thingy, Blusukan Solo. The collaboration with its several community have a a lot of purposes, starts from our hopes that the community could collaborated together, act together to build the Semarang city more attractives. Like in this exhiobition, the historical exhibition is just the name, but inside it, we let those community fulfilled it with their own way. In the other hands Lopen Semarang were still young, not so many people know about this community, so we hope through this collaboration, it would gained much visitor over the exhibition.

The members of Lopen Semarang, explained about the content of the
exhibition into this "little visitors".
Then its really happened! We recorded 1467 visitors in Kuno Kini Nanti, from the students from the elementary school to the retirements of civil servants, from the college to the entrepreneur, from the family to the old friends, everybody learns here. Even after we closed we expected to extended our exhibition as a part of Hidden Heritage events on August 6th-7th, 2013. 

Thanks for all the people who helped us to realize it! And the last but not least, we have a strong wish. Someday it must be a City Museum of Semarang, located in Kota Lama, because until this time there’s no City Museum existed in this city. We, the youth, have proved it, that the history of Semarang city is great and its worth to be learn of, the now its ur turn, the Government of Semarang City, for how long we’ve to wait y’all realize the city museum? We’ll waitin’ for ;)

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