Sunday, February 3, 2008

Srigunting Park and The Valuable Historical Building Around It

The Parade Plein, as it appears on 1915. The muziektent in the left side is used as a place for the music performance, its commonly existed in the city-park. (source: Leiden University Library)
Srigunting Park, It’s located on the old city area of Semarang, appropriatelly on the side of Letjen Suprapto Street . Formerly, The name was Parades Plein. The name was taken from the parade of the Dutch-Indies Army that often held on this park. The appearance is just an open field on the old times, but now the appearance is quite different. The Government of Semarang City, built the park beautifully, added some pedestrian path, bench and also plenty of flowers.

Kopelskerk or Gereja Blenduk as seen from
Srigunting Park on 2007
From Sriguntings park, if we faced to the west side, we’ll see the building that become one’s of the Semarang city landmark, Kopelskerk or now is Immanuelle Church. Immanuelle Church, familiarly called as Gereja Blenduk . Called as Gereja Blenduk caused of the shaped of the dome. Immanuelle Church built on 1753. First time is built in the shaped of Javanesse building. The form that we’ve seen nowadays is come from 1894, when the Immanuelle Church has been rebuilt. The architect of the Immanuelle Church are H.P.A. de Wilde and W.Westmas. On the backside of the church, there is a building with the javanesse architectures that used as a monastery.

Near of Srigunting park, there is located the first modern architectures building on Semarang. The building now used as the office of Jiwasraya Insurances. The architect of the building was Thomas Karsten, the famous architect on colonial era. The building has an art-deco architecture, like’s the ordinary building that Karsten designed. Then, f
aced to the south side, we’ll see the unique building called Marba. Built in the middle of 19th century as a shop. 

Srigunting park, now becomes one’s of the public corner on the Semarang city. Every day, many people spent their time over there. To study, to take a rest, or just spent their time with their friends. Whatever, more people comes to Srigunting park, the littering problem also become a threat to the park. So, its become our responsibility to keep it cleans every time we going there.
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