Monday, October 15, 2012

Hotel Bellevue Semarang, A Recommended Place to Stay

Hotel Bellevue in 1948, the front side is no longer like its appears in the photos because now there's a cafe built in front of the hotel (source: 
Visiting Semarang city, everybody needs the comfortable place to stay precisssely. Well, I'll show you the recommended hotel in Semarang that everyone who stay there will not only just rest for a while, but also enjoying the old memories for those who lived in the colonial period, and an old time experience for those who was born after it.

Bellevue Hotel, or now recognized as
Hotel Candi Baru as it appears on 2007
Its, Candi Baru Hotel which provides a mix of original Dutch building with cold and calm atmosphere in the , Candi baru settlement. Its built after the boom of the hotel growth in Semarang, right after the Koloniale Tetoonsteling event, that increasing the number both of business growth and tourism in Semarang. So many new hotel built in the Nieuw Tjandi areas because in the colonial age, this area belongs to outskirt city area. But now its no longer anymore, its already a densely area, then it makes the area is too crowd as the resting place, and  the result? Many hotels are demolished. Thats why, we recognizing there's a kampoong named Candi Losmen, but of course now adays there's no losmen (hostel) anymore existed on that place.

Back to the Candi Baru Hotel, originally has a name as Bellevue Hotel until it changes in the early decades of 60's since Mr.President Soekarno, banned the used of foreign language as his efforts related to nationalism. Built by Van Damen Wars in 1919, and now owned by PT Sido Muncul, one's of the traditional herbal product company, the building is still well preserve and strong enough. Beautiful park scenery and artistic architectural, decorating with the statue of angels make its really attractive to everybody who stay there. The hotel rates itself are varied start from IDR 85,000 to IDR 500,000 per night. Well, for you who wanna coming to Semarang, its recommended to stay here :)

Inside the hotel, the dining hall, still preserved the old atmosphere. Hanging lamp, PC tile floor, chairs, tables, all inside the hall, perfect! (source: official website of Candi Baru Hotel)
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