Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jazz with Javanese Taste, its Ngayogjazz!

Ngayogjazz 2011, Nandoer Jazz-ing Pakarti 
As the November comes, the most awaited jazz performance event, the Ngayogjazz, is finally ready “break the rule” of the common Jazz Festival! Its free and its so Javanese ;). With the tagline of, Dengan ngejazz kita Tingkatkan Swasembada Jazz (through the Jazz, we increased the self-supporting Jazz)  Ngayogjazz 2012 will be held on Sunday,November 18, 2012. This year it’ll be held on Desa Brayut, a village near in the outrkirt of Jogjakarta. Well, it takes me back to the memories of Ngayogjazz 2011 when it  was held in Pasar Kotagede, a traditional market encircled with the local kampong.

Our fellow "Aljabar Band" from Jazzngisoringin community,
one of the raising star in Semarang City nowadays.
Jazz music where always find its spontaneity, being interactive, expressive and friendly, and through the ngayogjazz  all of this aspect is fulfilled. The event itself its free of charge, accommodating the local performer, and has its own characteristic as Jazz in the Javanese land, not those from the west, that’s the main differences. In the Ngayogjazz 2011, I accompanied by my friends Wisda, Bagoes and Ikhsan also with my Russian friends, Sasha, depart from Semarang city on the noon, and arrived in the venues on maghreeb time, around 6 pm. Soon we experienced  the mystical and magical jazz spirit courtesy of Ngayogjazz 2011. A stage in the middle of kampong, a stage in the parking lot of traditional market, it’s a jazz fest but there’s a lot of tradional food seller with their gerobak(cart) on it, really unbelievable where the music that a lot of people see it as the identity of the high class society, then we could see it in the condition like this.

There’s 6 stages on Ngayogjazz 2011, but we choose the Horn Stage, because there’s a Jazzngisoringin, a jazz community from my city, Semarang, that performed. The stage itself situated in the yard inside the kampong, well this is a symbol that bringing jazz into the traditional people is not impossible at all. Feeling thirsty and hungry, we decided to pay a visit to a warung(tavern) a traditional food and beverages. There we meet another mates, mas dimas, mas aji and mas erje. They also coming from Semarang to enjoyed the event. As we take a rest in the kiosk, there’s another stage situated near it, so our conversation are accompanied by chilling jazzy music performed from the stage near us

All of my friends who accompany me enjoying this
Ngayogjazz 2011, thanx for the memories mates! ;)
We close our journey here, in the main stage. Enjoying the closing performance by Djaduk Ferianto, a famous ethnic music artist that also the founder of this event, Idang Rasjidi , the famous jazz pianist,  and Trie Utami, the famous jazz singer. Here we enjoyed the jazz mixed  with javanese traditional music resulting the amazing harmonious music. So guys, the November is  near, just prepare yourself to Ngayogjazz 2012! Its gonna be worthy and unforgettable, for sure ;)


Anonymous said...

like this mas bru.. the next ngayogjazz will held in nov. jipret

Muhammad Yogi Fajri said...

Yap! Come back here bang! Lets go there together