Monday, April 8, 2013

Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI) and its Relation with Semarang

De Koninklijke Ned. Indische Motor Club around and the badges of this association.
(photos source: Krisna Wariyan | badges: livaauctioneers)
Next months, on May 2-4th 2013, in Semarang will be held a gathering of the bikers from all around Indonesia here in the event called Tugu Muda Bike Week. Such a big events because I heard that more than a thousand bikers would participate here. The organizer of this event is the bikers community well known as Ikatan Motor Besar Indonesia (IMBI). The IMBI were part of the Indonesia Automotive Association well known as Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI). IMI itself were nationalization from Indonesische Motor Club (IMC) during the Dutch Indies era, and the headquarters are in Semarang!

On March 27th, 1906, here established Javasche Motor Club (JMC) in Semarang. The JMC headquarters itself located in Bodjong, nowadays is  Jalan Pemuda and used by Bank Mandiri as cafeteria. Then in 1912, there’s a lot of aspiration to  reorganize the Java Engine Club and to found an association for the whole of Java. The first step in this direction was obtained by connecting the Java Engine Club and the Semarang Automobile Club. The Secretariat of the Java Engine Club was transferred to Semarang from Surabaya after the merger accomplished. In the end 1912 finally its established De Koninklijke Nederladsch Indie Motor Club (KNIMC) and took the headquarters in the west side of Jurnatan Station, Semarang. Thanks for Semarang Photo Archives for makes me easily trace back the location through their map on wikimapia.

After the transfer of souvereignity, KNIMC also taken over by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and become Indonesische Motor Club (IMC). In 1950 the name changed to Ikatan Motor Indonesia (IMI) until now. Following the centralization policy, the headquarters moved into Jakarta. Until 1968, IMI occupies several rooms of the Office of the City of Exim Bank before its finally got a place in the right wing of Tennis Stadium, in Senayan Sport Complex, Jakarta.

The former headquarters in Semarang itself? Its demolished around 1986 together with the demolization of Jurnatan Station and Bank of Taiwan building. For me it’s once of the biggest loss related to the historical heritage, and for those who following Tugu Muda Bike Week 2013, they must know that here in Semarang, formerly was the main headquarters  of the KNIMC. Maybe, based from the history, the headquarters could be back to here, considering the Jakarta situation were uncomfortable anymore because of this high density problems. Well who knows? ;)
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