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De Spaarbank in Semarang

De Spaarbank building, located in Jalan Kepodang 2-4, in Kota Lama areas, Semarang. The photos was taken in 2012.

De Spaarbank building, taken in 1910.
(source: Leiden University Library)
Just get shocked while having conversation with my friends, His name was Gea Fatah Sambera or well known as Era. He just go back from His Exchange programs in Poland. One things that got me shocked is that He funds his own trip! “I just used my parents money to made the passport and visa, the rest are from my own money” he said. Great, so that his exchange expenditure that I guess it took more than 20 million rupiahs is from his own pockets. I felt so curious and unbelieve about his story, till he explains that he funds his exchange from the saving which he started it since he was in the 3rd grade of elementary school. Okay, then he add, “I still rememmbered, the first amount of my saving is Rp 30.000,- “. Hahaha cool, well thats more than just great story for me dude ;)

For me, saving money is not as easy as we imagined to just set appart our expenditure for consumption. Aims and motivation are the important role here to save the money itself. Set our own goals, so that we have a great motivation thus can help us more excited about the saving learning process. Although saving money theoretically is a compulsory in daily life, and its explained in consumption equation while Y (revenue)= C (consumption)+S (saving). So that saving have a portion in every human revenue, and the purpose is like for avoiding us from consumptive lifestyle, having an emergency money, reach the others urge and so on.

The advertisement of Postpaarbank, with
the content to persuade the people
to save their money in order to avoiding the poverty.
(source: Azhari Sofyan on pinterest)
During the early banking system were introduced in Indonesia, in Semarang is established De Spaarbank in 1853. We can get this establishment years from the book titled De Spaarbank Semarang, Indonesie, Gedenkboek 1853-1953, written by D. de Jonge to commemorate the 100 years anniversary of the bank. If we assumed from the name Spaarbank which means Saving Bank, so it could be having a same role like another sparbank that almost spread over the Dutch Indies at that time during 19th centuries. Its different from the role of much conventional bank at that time that always strongly related with the plantation and trading company, but the Spaarbank is focused on people's saving. Havent read the books of Spaarbank Semarang yet, but actually there's two notable Spaarbank in Indonesia history which is Postpaarbank. As We know that the governments also have a important role to persuade their people to save their money, because more money saved in the bank, the governments also have a lots of capital to spends its development project, thus they established the Postpaarbank in Batavia (Jakarta) on 1897. By late 1939, Postpaarbank has managed to collect public funds until 5.4 million! The achievements itself successfully achieved by Postspaarbank significantly through its decentralization policy-implemented system. The bank then nationalized in 1963 and became Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN). The second one is De Poerwokertosche Hulp en Spaarbank der Inlandsche Hoofden, established in 1895 by a Javanese Aristocrats named Raden Bei Aria Wirjaatmadja in Purwokerto, Central Java. Thus, its having reputation now as the oldest bank in Indonesia.

De Spaarbank in Semarang building now in Kota Lama currently owned by CIMB NIAGA Bank. Its also makes a curiousity, considering most of the Dutch/ foreign bank during the late of 50's decade and in the beginning of 60's decade is nationalized and of course it will be managed by the state company. But CIMB NIAGA Bank is a private bank, and its established in 1955 according to the official website. Well outside all of that story that also brought a lots of question hehe, once again, saving is important personally or in the macro scope is for the government growth. So still have a question “why should I save money?” Think twice :)
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