Friday, January 18, 2008

Masjid Kampung Layur with Its "Lighthouse"

The main building and the minaret of the mosque.
Taken on 1930, and the basement are still visible
(Source: Tropenmuseum)

If we want to go to the Tawang Station via Berok Bridge, on the right side we could see a tower with an old lighthouse shaped. Firstly, i thought that it was a lighthouse, but when i went to the harbour area, the lighthouse is quite different with what i saw. So, i'll find out by myself. Then after asked one of my friend, he said that it wasn't a lighthouse but it was a mosque minaret building. Wow, i amazed to the statement of my friend. When i had my holiday, me with my friends decided to visit that mosque. It's easy to found it. Its Located in Layur street, on the of the riverside near the Tawang train station. Thats why its recognize as Masjid Kampung  Layur (eng: Kampoong Layur Mosque). This mosque was one's of the old mosque on Semarang City but it's still strong enough. Around the mosque area, known by Malay village, because it's dominated by Malay settler. On the previous time, the river beside the mosque area was crowded by a lot of boat through the river carrying the goods from the harbour.

The minaret of the Masjid Layur, shaped like
the lighthouse, taken on 2007.
Looked from the historical point of view,  Masjid Kampung Layur has an important role against the islam development around Semarang city bay area. from the architectural aspect, it have an unique mosque building form. Its not like an ordinary mosque building which built in Java. The main gate was dominated by middle-east architecture, with the minaret on the right side. There's a basement in this mosque and in the past its functioned as the access for the people from the river to directly berthed their boat and do the prayers. Then the nature cause related to the land subsidence are make it always filled with the water. Now the basement is "sinked" and closed already. Now the water debits are just the same with the main building. 

The taste of Javanese architectural are visible from the architectures of the main building. With the 3 level roof-shaped, its remembered us with the ordinary roof-shaped of Javanesse mosque. This mosque built on 1743, but still   attractive, even actively used by the people to did their daily worshiped. The majority part of Masjid Kampung Layur  is still original from the first time its existed. The renovation is only to change the roof condition and added a secretariat office on the right side of the main building.

Masjid Kampung Layur, the main building, taken on 2007
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