Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sound of Jazz

Jazz….this kind of music genre it’s so close to us nowadays. Many of musician in our country now become Jazz musician. Now, how the origin of jazz it self? Find out more here…
Jazz is an original American musical art form that originated start from the 20th century in New Orleans, rooted in Afro-American musical styles blended with Western music technique and theory. Jazz uses blue notes, syncopation, swing, call and response, polyrhythms, and improvisation.

Based on sites, Jazz has roots in the combination of Western and African music traditions. Actually, the Jazz music firstly played by the negro or Afro- American community in New Orleans, USA. Newly after 1920s Jazz styles influencing other musical styles.
Jazz music development is closely related with Lorenzo Tio and Scott Joplin . The early Jazz musician which have a lot of experience about music because both of them were schooled on classical European Musical Institution, that helped to preserve and disseminate the essentially improvisational musical styles of Jazz.

They also founded the postbellum network of black-established schools, as well as civic societies and widening mainstream opportunities for education, produced more formally trained Afro-American musicians.

Jazz is often difficult to define, but the improvisation is a key element of the form. Improvisation has been developed, since early times an essential element in African and Afro-American music and is closely related to the use of call and response in West African and African-American cultural expression.
Nowadays, after more than 1 century jazz was developed, Jazz divided into some genre. For example in Jazz we know the Dixieland, which many people in New Orleans play it in the early phase of Jazz; Swing Jazz which developed between 1900-1950, Latin Jazz which is a mixed between latin music with the jazz composition for example bossanova is a kind of latin Jazz too; Fusion Jazz developed between 1960 up to early of 1990’s, its compiled with the rock music style and fastly become a trend.It also influenced our country Jazz musician like Ireng Maulana, Dwiki Darmawan, Indra Lesmana, and his father Jack Lesmana.

Today, Jazz music hit the pop charts and blended with contemporary Urban music through the work of artists like Norah Jones, Josh Stone, Coco d'Or, Sergio Mendes Jamie Cullum, and Michael Bubble. Even in our country we can see Maliq n d’Essential, Tompi, Bali Lounge, Andez, and so on.

So, is this enough to opened your mind about Jazz? Maybe now you’re interested to become Jazzcats Guys?
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