Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fight against "Forgetting"


Ignoring or just try to forgetting? A words that so many people in this country fight aginst it. Once, also there’s a word “apologizing”, but sometimes, we just forget the meaning of each words, and which one is we used again some problem, are we apologizing? Or just ignoring moreover forgetting? Confusing, yap its confusing enough. Its just when we were in the election, a lot of people just change “their clothes”. From one party to another party, kinda new promises, kinda new hopes, then people easily forget about what he done in the past, about his track record. Finaly, its just such an empty promises where always promising about the prosperity and kinda social welfare, just like in the past.

Its October, 1st, 46 year ago, in Indonesia, an old reign just begins to torn down, with a designated failed coup, the mr.president, Soekarno just being accused of tried to coup his own reign, it not making sense at all, but later people who were in bad economic condition, living with starvation because of embargo, and sick with unended confrontation (with Malaysia) easily agitated with the opinion. They demanding the better condition, and seeking for the new hopes that Soeharto with their company in Army promising. The people start to condemnd their own leader, people start to being anarchy, and demanding Soekarno take into the court. Then the court was held but is just a menthaly terror that so exhausting for the old man like Soekarno that also depressed and often to get illnes. Closed court were chosen rather than public/open court, the objectives is clear, to make all the case still unclear, kept the public condemnd their ex-great leader, the man who take the nation equal to another big country. Most of the people, were just being unpatient to the new hopes of people walfare, that Soeharto brought with. Several years later, the stabilization and economical growth extremely good, but its just because of foreign country aid, like Japan, US, EU, followed by their economic capitals of course, something that Soekarno didn’t like it much.

In the end of his reign, its true that so many people under Soekarno era suffering for the economical disasters. But not so many people that suffers, died, moreover lost because of military suppression. Events like eradication of communist activity, petrus (miterious shooter), tanjung priok massacre, 1998 tragedy, taken lifes thousand of people in this country. Once again, its just let it without any courts. Most of the people try to apologizing, but its true that they apologizing? Or just ignoring or just try to forgetting?

#commemorating 46 years of 30 September Movement, dedicated to my beloved Grandpa
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